Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dallas: City Skyline

With the announcement that March 19th was the big night of the Super Moon, I decided to head out and try to capture the big night.  Unfortunately, I didn't really have the right lens or settings to really capture the super moon.

Here are a few images from last night...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Irving: Convention Center

Keeping with my new goal of capturing architecture at night, I ran out to Irving at dusk in hopes of snapping a few nice shots of the building.  It was my first glimpse of the building at night with the architectural lighting turned on.  I'm not sure who the lighting designer was for the project, but I must say that I disagree with some of the solutions.  It's hard to be a critic on the topic, as I know how tough it is sometimes to get lights installed where you want them and where they will work best.  I was more concerned with the lumen output and varying intensity of the different light sources - it creates some unnecessary glare on the exterior.  Overall though, I thought the project turned out pretty well.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dallas: Wyly Theatre

Wyly Theatre is the next door neighbor of the Winspear Opera House.  Built at about the same time, they are both part of the Arts District redevelopment.  Wyly is pretty cool in that from the exterior is looks like a simply large cube with a funky curtain wall skin design.  Below are some photos that I snapped during two different visits.  During one of my stops at Wyly, it was near sunset and I was able to capture the warm, golden setting sun hitting the building face - partially shadowed by the adjacent buildings.  It created this defined line of warm and cold (blue and gold) that was spectacular.